• The best way to determine where a car seat should be installed is to check the vehicle owner’s manual. Then, factor in other criteria such as car pool, easy access and special needs.


  • If you have children of different ages, it makes sense to put the older children who need easy and safe exit access for school and car pool, on the passenger side.  If your child has special needs and you need to have access to them (while stopped safely in a parking lot), the center maybe your best bet.  If you, or your partner, suffer from back pains, consider outboard seating position as pulling an infant carrier from the center of the vehicle may cause increased injury to your back.


  • While we love the idea of keeping every child in the center of the back seat, this might not be possible for everybody.  What gives children the best protection is installing the seat tightly, harnessing the child snugly and using the seat correctly on every ride.  Check out our video on Adjusting the Harness Straps on the Diono Radian Car Seat.


  • For more information, find a local certified technician at http://cert.safekids.org

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