In our last blog post we answered the question, where should a car seat be installed, here we take a moment to answer specifically about installation in the middle:

  • It is safe to install a car seat in the middle of the back seat if the vehicle allows that seating position for a child car seat:   If the seat fits in it and if you can get a tight installation. Sometimes, a raised cushion in the center can prevent a tight installation. Sports vehicles do not usually have a seating position in the center.
  • If you want to use LATCH in the center it’s important to note that many vehicles do not allow the use of the lower anchors in the center.  Some car seat manufacturers have specific measurement limits to use the two inboard anchors for the center seat if there is not a designated center LATCH position.  Always check the owner’s vehicle and car seat manuals for the ability to connect to the anchors. When in doubt, if there is a seat belt in the center, you can probably put a car seat in the middle and install the seat with the seat belt. There are some exceptions.  For example, older model Chevy Trailblazers do not allow a car seat in the center because the seating position is too small.

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