Diono is happy to announce that all Diono convertible car seats and booster seats currently sold in the market may be safely installed and used with Ford Motor Company’s Inflatable Seat Belts. This allowance is retroactive to previous Radian convertible and Monterey booster models.

Thorough testing was conducted during the spring of 2016 in collaboration with Ford Motor Company to confirm the safety of Diono car seats in Ford vehicles equipped with Inflatable Seat Belts. Diono’s Engineering Team and Global Safety Advocate were onsite during testing to ensure Diono car seat installation was correct and to witness in real time the crash testing and results. After an in-depth review of all data, the Diono engineering department has officially given their expert seal of approval.

We appreciate all of the time, effort and funding Ford Motor Company put into this project, as they spent a considerable amount of resources in order to facilitate the testing of the car seats. The new Inflatable Seat Belts offer a tremendous safety benefit for the back seat occupant and we applaud Ford for continuing to advocate for enhanced passenger safety.

Inflatable Seat Belt FAQs

What is the purpose of the Inflatable Seat Belt?

The Inflatable Seat Belt was designed to help reduce injury to the back seat occupant. Ford Motor Company’s testing showed a reduction in forward movement and lower forces on the sternum and rib cage, therefore lessening the chance of serious injuries in a frontal collision.

How does the car seat installation differ using an Inflatable Seat Belt versus a standard seat belt?

There is no difference when installing Diono car seats with the inflatable seat belt. Please install the car seat per the instruction manual.

Will my child be hurt by the Inflatable Seat Belt in booster mode?

Ford Motor Company conducted thorough tests to assure the inflatable seat belt performed optimally, especially for smaller occupants. In addition, test results utilizing Diono convertible + booster car seats and belt-positioning booster seats showed a reduction in forward movement and chest acceleration.

Will all future Diono products allow installation using the Inflatable Seat Belt?

Each new product will have to be individually tested to determine whether this can be allowed. Going forward, we hope to have testing completed before each new product is released, even though it is not required for meeting FMVSS213 compliance testing. If the new product has been tested, it will be noted in the instruction manual and on the Diono website.

For more information, please contact our Global Safety Advocate, Allana Pinkerton at 855-463-4666, extension 252, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm PDT.

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