Installing a car seat can be a haunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with these tricks to make installing your child’s car seat a treat!

  1. Unbox the seat indoors so you will not have to deal with any adverse weather conditions or ghoulish creatures that may be lurking behind the bushes.
  2. Do not try to install the car seat for the first time ten minutes before you have to walk out the door. This may cause you to become batty.
  3. Read the manual. Grab a cup of coffee or a magic potion, sit down and read through the warning pages, parts, features, etc. This will help you get familiar with the product without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Decide which installation method you will use and which direction the car seat will face. Seat belt or lower anchor (LATCH) strap install. Forward-facing or rear-facing. Remember: Little ghosts, goblins and witches are safer when they ride rear-facing for as long as possible.
  5. Watch installation videos before you head out to the car. Most car seat manufacturers have installation videos directly on their website or their YouTube channel. Once you watch them, it will all make sense when you are actually in your car and it won’t seem so scary.
  6. If using a seat belt, pull the slack from the seat belt close to the buckle. After all, this is the point where the tension is and it makes life much easier to cinch up the belt at this location.
  7. If you are using the LATCH system, make sure the metal part where the webbing is routed is not turning or twisting while you remove the slack. This can cause the webbing to pinch (lock up) and you will not be able to keep tightening the belt. The seat should move less than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back when checked at the belt path. You want to get a tight installation when transporting your little zombies.
  8. If you travel on Halloween night while your child wears their costume, be sure it is not bulky and it doesn’t interfere with the harness. When properly tightened the harness should be snug and comfortable. You should not be able to pinch any webbing between your finger and thumb when checked at the collar bone. Your little skeleton is safer in a 5-point harness for as long as possible.
  9. While it’s best to wait for your goblin to unwrap their candy when they get home, we know they can cast a spell on you and start eating in their car seat. Check the manual for proper cleaning instructions if the cover needs washing after a fun-filled night!

These tips may be disguised with a sense of Halloween humor, but are meant to help keep your child safer. In all seriousness, have a safe and happy Halloween season!

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