From 2006, we have been on a journey of discovery and development to pioneer in-car child safety.

Since then, we are proud to say that millions of parents have trusted Diono with their most precious cargo. Every three minutes in the USA a parent chooses a Diono car seat. Why? Because we famously deliver unmatched protection and optimum safety to give parents peace of mind.

So, buckle up and let our safety experts take you through 10 reasons why parents believe in the Diono difference…

1. Hand-built from steel

It all began with our original, full-steel core. Developed by Diono engineers and inspired by Seattle’s heritage of aeronautical engineering, we developed a fabricated automotive-grade steel core. What better way to protect your child?

2. Rear-facing for longer

We became famous for our pioneering vision of rear-facing for longer. Our range of all in one convertible car seats are hand-built with extended rear-facing capabilities, allowing you to keep your little one rear-facing for as long as possible up to 50lbs, approx. 4 years of age.

3. Side Impact protection

All our seats go through a rigorous testing protocol that simulates side-impact crashes with a continuous testing program to constantly improve our products and their performance.

4. Original 3 across

Radian 3’s clever space-saving design has a slimline profile that allows you to install three across in your vehicle, without compromising child comfort.

5. Patented Safe Stop harness

Included as standard in all of our car seats, the Diono Safe Stop, is only used in forward facing mode for children under 40 lbs. Safe Stop is a load-limiting device designed to absorb energy and reduce impact to a smaller, forward-facing child in the event of an accident and significantly reduce the force affecting a child’s head, neck, and chest.

6. Built for the journey

Diono seats are guaranteed to go the extra mile. We are the ONLY brand to offer seats that fold, so you can take Diono safety wherever you go. We’re even approved by the FAA for use forward facing on aircraft too.

7. Up to 10 years’ service

Diono car seats are built to grow and adapt with your child to provide longevity of service. We’re so confident in our car seats, we’ve given them a 10-year expiry date.

8. Our safety promises

We’ve pledged to replace any seat, like for like, that has involved in a severe crash through the Diono replacement program.

9. Passenger comfort as standard

Ergonomically designed with contoured shapes and layers of luxurious cushioning ensure a comfortable environment for your child on even the longest journeys.

10. Tried and trusted by you

Don’t just take our word for it… take a look at our community of happy families over on our social media channels!

If you’re ready to become part of our extended Diono family why not discover our range of all in one convertible car seats today and you too can share in the #JoyOfTheJourney

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