Summer is in full swing, which means sunny days, pools, and popsicles galore! Unfortunately, rising temperatures also lead to a rise in preventable illness and death due to heatstroke, the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities in children. This year, we are challenging everyone to do your part in eliminating this often preventable illness by sharing these five tips to keep kids cool and safe throughout the summer.

1) TAKE your child with you


Temperatures in cars can rise quickly, so even if you are just running into the store for one little thing, always take your child with you. Leaving them behind can lead to serious injury or death in a matter of minutes, and it is never worth the risk.

2) LOOK before you lock.

Check your backseat when you exit the car, every single time. Mistakes happen when routines change, and sometimes kids have even been known to sneak into cars to come along for the ride! It is better to be safe than sorry and check the backseat for occupants.

Some people prefer to keep a visual reminder, including leaving your left shoe or purse in the seat by your child, leaving a teddy bear in the car seat that moves to the front when the seat is in use, and more.

The best system is the one that works for you, every time!

3) KEEP keys out of reach and keep your car locked


Kids love to explore, and can get themselves in sticky situations without meaning to. About 3 in 10 heatstroke deaths happen because an unattended child was able to access a vehicle.

4) CALL for help if you see a child locked in a car

Call for emergency assistance if you see a child locked in a car. Do not wait until the child is showing visible signs of distress.

5) SPREAD the word


Share or tweet this article with the hashtags #HeatstrokeKills and #CheckForBaby to help get the word out about heatstroke prevention. By sharing this knowledge, you could save a life!


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