At Diono HQ we like to celebrate Child Passenger Safety Week. It’s an important time for us to remember who we are and why child’s safety continues to drive our innovation today. 

So, what is the Diono safety difference? And what continues to drive our business forward almost two decades since it all began… We caught up with our Global CEO, Tim Maule to get Tim’s perspective on what is it that makes Diono so special.

Q: Diono is best known for their car seat safety. What is the secret behind this incredible track record?


A: At Diono safety has always come first, and it all began with the famous steel core that is at the very heart of our story. Our engineers invented the concept of a high strength core that, if fabricated correctly, and in the right materials, would act as a solid roll cage to protect children.

As a parent myself, this clever thinking and highly engineered approach to safety fascinated me and now, decades later, we’re so proud that this concept has gone on to protect millions of children’s lives. We’ve grown and changed since back then, but the steel core remains, and in a way, it has determined our guiding principles ever since.

Q: You refer to “The Diono Difference”. What does that mean?


A: It’s a way of doing things and it’s a way of thinking. It’s about developing original ideas and then building them without compromise. We’re inventors and we’re engineers and we are all parents, so we combine all of this knowledge, expertise and life experience into what we call “The Diono Difference.”  

Whole ranges of innovations in the juvenile industry originated right here at Diono. We made the first ever adjustable booster seat that accommodated fast-growing kids and kept them safer for longer. We developed a compact stroller that was the first to fold so small that it could travel on board aircraft, and we even developed folding car seats that mean you can take your child safety with you wherever you go. It’s about those clever little ideas that just make life easier.


Q: Diono are famously “madeofseattle”. How does the Pacific North West shape Diono’s thinking and your way of doing things?


A: Seattle is a city with a pioneering attitude and a spirit of adventure. This is probably connected to the amount of young people that choose to live here; it has a progressive vibe that is just infectious. In the city you will find some of the world’s most famous companies and a heritage of aeronautical engineering. Outside the city we are surrounded by the water, the mountains and the evergreen forest. It’s these contrasts that makes

it a unique place to be, and the spirit of Diono is influenced by all of this…

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