Choices are tough, especially for the holidays.

Will the kids even remember the go-go-gadget-rocket-launcher by the time they turn two? Probably not.

So, while you reconsider your gift-giving strengths, take a moment and take a glance at 11 items that will be as fashionable as they are functional. ‘Cause Diono’s got the goods, and we priced them low to high.

1) Stuff n’ Scuff (2 pack)- $14.99


These seat protectors go on the back of the front seats, making it so no matter how hard your kid tries to kick your seats into a new color they will be met with superb resistance.

(Also sold individually.)

2) Easy View Mirrors (2 pack)- $24.99

Put the joy back in your journey with these nifty mirrors! No more mystery screaming coming from the back seat, add a mirror and see what awaits you before everything hits the fan.

(Also sold individually, and in a variety of options.)

3) Flow Wrap by WeMadeMe- $39.99

Breathable, stretchy, and supportive. Whenever people use it, they rave about it. If you’re looking for a great wrap for your kid (up to 30 pounds!) the Flow might be your option.

4) Ultra Mat (2 pack)- $49.99

Have you ever seen a kid in winter-weather boots who NEEDS to climb into their car seat all by themselves? Power to them for taking care of business, but these will help keep your upholstery less seasonal in the process.

(Also sold individually.)

5) Cambria 2 Booster- $79.99

Give the gift of independence and let your kids buckle-up themselves with one of our booster seats!

6) All-Weather Footmuff- $89.99

This footmuff is the solution to that blanket you lost three blocks ago.

Fuzzy and waterproof, it zips on your stroller and keeps everything in place so you dont have to constantly worry about your little one staying warm and dry. Also, its machine washable.

7) Carus Complete- $149.99

Winner of the 2019 Red Dot Award, this carrier has got some swag. Waterproof materials, serious hip support, and detachable backpack make this carrier a classy way to survive the outdoors.

8) Two2Go Lightweight Stroller- $179.99

For when one isn’t enough, we have Two2Go. These low-cost strollers are perfect for families with multiple caretakers and never enough extras.

9) Flexa Stroller- $269.99

Need a moment to flex? Take our new Flexa stroller into any restaurant in the city and watch everyone gasp when you don’t need an entire area code to store it.

10) Radian 3 RXT All-In-One-Convertible Car Seat – $299.99

In case you don’t know about the Radian 3RXT, it’s kind of a big deal. From the steel frame to the memory-foam insert we like to hear about how much our customers obsess over this seat. But don’t take our word for it, look for yourself.

Did we mention it’s small enough to fit three across?

11) The Rainier 2 AXT in Leather- $2,250.00

If you are lucky enough to treat yo’ self this holiday season, we recommend upgrading with all the luxury the leather 2AXT line can offer. Yeah, we know, its expensive, but we also know you’re worth it. 

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