Giving gifts is never easy, and when you throw a toddler into the mix things can get… messy.

We know the struggle, so we made a list to keep everything a little easier. Give it a look and see what your loved one could use!

Sure Steps

Did you know toddlers come with a secret superpower? That’s right, they have the ability to run off in the blink of an eye! Sure Steps lets eager toddlers explore the world on their own two feet, but parents have the peace of mind that they won’t run off or get themselves into a dangerous situation. What sets Sure Steps apart from the crowd are the extra-long adjustable straps, meaning even bigger kids or kids bundled up for the weather can still use it!

Travel Pal

Toddlers are wonderful because they can do so much more on their own, but that means they also need a lot more stuff to keep them occupied on road trips. Rather than listen to screaming on the three-hour drive to Grandma’s, get organized with a Travel Pal. Featuring two insulated cupholders and room for all the games, snacks, and crayons a kid could need, this isn’t just a Travel Pal, it’s also a Travel Sanity-saver.

Pop Up Trash Bin

The smallest humans somehow make the biggest messes, but this convenient travel trash can is here to save the day! This convenient can folds flat when not in use and features water-resistant fabric to protect interiors and upholstery from leaks or spills. Pair it with our Bag It trash bags and tackle messes before they happen!

Dry Seat

One thing is a given for parents with potty training toddlers: accidents WILL happen. The fully waterproof Dry Seat protects car seats from accidents, giving parents the gift of one less mess to clean up.  

Venture Toddler

Little legs get tired fast, but most baby carriers aren’t designed for toddler proportions. The Venture+ toddler carrier lets parents wear their tired littles when out and about. If family travel is a priority, then a good carrier like Venture+ is even more essential for navigating places strollers can’t go!

Traverze Stroller

Traverze is the Diono super-compact stroller created to make traveling easier for families on the move. This award-winning stroller folds down to the size of a carry-on so families can move from breezeway to boardwalk without getting hung up at gate check.

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