Child Passenger Safety Week 2020

This month we’re gearing up to join thousands of others in celebrating Child Passenger Safety Week, but what’s it all about?

Every day, millions of children travel in a car seat for journeys long and short, and yet nearly half of those car seats are not installed correctly. When a car seat is not installed correctly it means that children are not traveling as safely as possible and in the unfortunate event of a crash, they may not be as protected as they could be. In fact, proper use of a car seat can reduce the risk of death and injury by as much as 70%.

That’s why here at diono, we’re not only in full support of the Child Passenger Safety Week this year, but every year. So how can you join in the proceedings? Follow our 5 tips for making the most of Child Passenger Safety Week 2020!

1. Research, research, research!

We recommend using any of the amazing resources available online from industry bodies such as NHTSA, National Safety Council, and Safe Kids Worldwide. It’s also important to keep your manufacturer’s manual to hand so you can check back throughout the lifespan of your car seat. This will be super helpful if you have an All-in-One convertible car seat as the instructions and installation will change with each mode of use, such as switching from rear-facing to forward-facing.

2. Register your car seat!

This is easy to do and there’s usually more than one option to choose from. Most manufacturers allow you to do this on their website (for diono product registration see here) whereas all car seats are delivered with a pre-paid postage card for you to complete and return via mail. Alternatively, you can register your car seat with NHTSA here.

3. Ask questions!

We’re all only human, we’re not expected to know everything immediately. For all things serious, check with your car seat manufacturer to make sure you’re getting the right information for your product. For all things recommended, such as accessories, there’s an incredible value to the parent community, and as parents too we know that there’s always someone to point you in the right direction. Above all, if you’re not 100% certain, ASK!

4. Stay tuned!

Throughout all of September, there’s going to be lots and lots of valuable information, tips, FAQs and recommendations shared not only by us at Diono, but many others. We’ll be sharing blogs each week relating to different subjects.

5. Treat Yourself!

In the full spirit of celebrations, we’re launching our Safety Month Sale, with $50 savings across our award-winning radian range including the all-new radian Q Series. Head over to our sale now to get your hands on a 2020 radian!


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