Hi there! We are Diono. Wonderful to meet you.

Since 2008, we have been on a journey of discovery and development to pioneer in-car child safety.

We’re proud to say that millions of parents have trusted Diono with their most precious cargo. In fact, every three minutes in the USA a parent chooses a Diono car seat.

We think that’s pretty cool, and wanted to make it a promise in quality.


Our Promise to You

We famously deliver unmatched protection and optimum safety to give parents peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting your little one we know you will do just about anything. We’ve been there too, and that’s why all of our products are thoughtfully engineered, designed to grow and built to last.

Diono seats will be with you and your family mile after mile, journey after journey.


These are the 10 things that make Diono all-in-one convertibles & convertible car seats so special! 


Hand Built from Reinforced Steel

For us, safety has always come first. It all began with our original, full-steel core. Developed by our Diono engineers and inspired by Seattle’s aeronautical industry, we developed a mechanically engineered spine that we then fabricated in automotive-grade steel.

Rocket science made cozy, so to speak.

This high-strength core has inherent integrity and forms an unyielding structure to shield and protect your little one. In the event of a collision, this core will act as a steel roll cage. This core is the secret inside the Diono range of seats, all designed and built without compromise. What better way to protect your child?


Going Backwards is the Way Forwards

Not only are our car seats tested and engineered to the highest standards, but they are meticulously designed to help you keep your little one as safe as possible.

Our range of all-in-one convertible car seats is hand-built with extended rear-facing capabilities, allowing you to keep your little one rear-facing for as long as possible up to 40-50 lbs / 18 – 22.7 kg (approx. 4 years of age).

No one wants to be in a collision, but it happens. Planning for the worst is what makes Diono the brand that it is, which is why we recommend rear- facing. 

Read below to see our stats supporting rear-facing installations:


Rear facing is important, and so is which side of the car your child rides on. Riding on the right side greatly reduces the chance of death or serious injury of a child up to 70%.


Sweden first introduced the idea of rear-facing car seats in 1965, a revolutionary concept for its time.


Since they started encouraging rear-facing, they have virtually eliminated road deaths and serious injuries in children under 5. We like those stats and thought you would, too.Read more at:https://www.carseat.se/rearfacing/safety-benefits/


Babies are floppy. You might already know this.Protecting your child’s head and neck is one of your highest priorities, and so it’s ours, too. If you have your child forward- facing, in the event of a car crash your child’s head would be thrust forward, subjecting the neck to 66- 75 lbs of weight. Rear-facing prevents serious injuries and death, and should be practiced for as long as your car seat will allow.

Although we recommend rear facing for as long as possible, children grow at different rates and might need to switch to forward-facing earlier than expected.

This exact reason is why all Diono convertible car seats include our patented SafeStop Harness. This harness significantly reduces the forces affecting the child’s head, neck, and chest in the event of an accident through energy absorption. It can be used up to 40 lbs, giving you peace of mind when the time comes to move to forward- facing.

(Check it out further down our list at #5!)


Safety From All Angles

On top of our automotive grade steel core and extended rear-facing compatibility, every car seat we design and build includes Diono’s Side Impact Protection.

Protecting a child’s side and head is critical in side-on collisions. All our seats go through a rigorous testing program to constantly improve our products and their performance, simulating impact crashes to continuously improve our


We have 5 key design features built into our car seats: 


1.  A steel core shell to protect your child’s torso.

2.  Reinforced side walls that shield your child.

3.  Lined with energy-absorbing foam to distribute crash forces.

4.  Adjustable head support to minimize side to side head movement during a crash.

5.  Deep side wings to protect the head and chest.


Three is Never a Crowd

Theres room for the whole family!

Our Radian family is designed with a slimline profile that allows you to install three across in your vehicle without compromising on the roomy internal seat dimensions.


Our Patented ‘Safe Stop Harness’

Another Diono Original, our patented “Safe Stop Harness” is included as standard in all our car seats. This five-point harness has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to absorb energy in the event of an accident, and significantly reduces the force affecting a child’s head, neck, and chest.


Built for the Journey

Diono seats are guaranteed to go the extra mile. Hand built and handcrafted down to the last detail, our seats are built to last and designed to perform: day after day, year after year, journey after journey.

Made from the most durable materials available, they will be with you for the long haul. We are the ONLY brand to offer seats that fold, so you can take Diono safely wherever you go. They’re even approved by the FAA for use on aircraft too.


Up to 10 Years of Service

With some of the largest seat capacities on the market, tall seat backs and roomy dimensions, Diono car seats are built to grow and adapt with your child to provide longevity of service.

In fact, we’re so confident in our car seats, we’ve given them a 10-year expiration date.

(Terms and Conditions apply. See diono.com for details.)


Our Safety Promise

We’ve made a pledge to replace any seat, like for like, that has been involved in a severe crash through The Diono Replacement Program.

(Terms and Conditions apply. See diono.com for details.)


Passenger Comfort as Standard

Love and care also come built in as standard. Ergonomically designed with contoured shapes, and layers of luxurious cushioning, ensure a comfortable environment for your child even on the longest journeys. Seat covers are made from technical performance fabrics that are washable, so they don’t just look great, they are practical too. We even include a cup holder* for those all-important onboard refreshments.

*Excludes radian 3R


Tried and Trusted by You

We know we rule, but we want you to know, too. 

Millions of parents have chosen Diono, see what they have to say here at diono.com or on social media.  🙂