While all car seats must be made to pass the same crash test standards set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), not all car seats are required to be made of the same high strength materials.


Here at Diono, we design and build extra safety features into our car seats that take them above and beyond federal crash test standards.


One of the biggest questions we’re asked by parents is why do you use steel in your all-in-one convertible car seats?

It all began with our engineers’ vision for a car seat with the highest strength material to sit at its core. A material that would withstand the rigors of everyday travel and provide the best possible protection for children in the event of a crash.

They developed a mechanically engineered spine that was fabricated in automotive-grade steel. This high-strength, automotive grade steel core has inherent integrity and forms an unyielding structure to protect your little one in the event of a collision, acting like a steel roll cage.


Every Radian and Rainier is engineered using this original steel core that forms the heart of our all in one convertible car seats, for safety you can really feel and totally worth the weight.

However, safety doesn’t stop there at Diono. The Radian and Rainier’s are the sum of their many intricate parts. From the deep aluminum reinforced sidewalls and headrest, to thick engineered plastic frame and energy absorbing EPS foam. Every piece of our hand-built car seats are all put together to surround your little one in layers of protection.


Our famous automotive grade steel core made the Radian famous for its original take on safety, and this innovation remains at the heart of our business today.  

For more information on our all in one convertible’s click here. But if you’d like to discover more from our newsroom take a look at our latest blogs below!


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