car seat angle adjuster


car seat angle adjuster

innovatively designed to elevate your rear-facing convertible car seat to be a little more upright.


  • Easy to Use: simply fits underneath car seat
  • Provides up to 10cm more space behind the front seat
  • Enables for a more upright angle for older children with full head control
  • Compatible with all Diono convertible car seats

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parents love the angle adjuster!

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what is the Angle Adjuster's use?

The Angle Adjuster can be used with any of our current model all-in-one convertible car seats in the rear-facing position, only. It raises the rear-facing car seat more upright, so the front seat passenger has more room to stay safely away from the front air bag and can ride more comfortably.

how do I install the Angle Adjuster?

The Angle Adjuster simply slides under the bottom of the car seat. Keep printed side up and follow the arrow direction. Once it is firmly in place up against the back of the detachable base, tighten and lock the seat belt or SuperLATCH in the rear facing belt path.

why does the Angle Adjuster flatten after 6 months?

This is not always the case, but as your child grows it may flatten due to the combined weight of the car seat and your child’s weight. There is no safety issue with using it, as long as the car seat is tightly installed, it can be used flatten.

does the Angle Adjuster need to be replaced after a car crash?

Yes. The Angle Adjuster should be replaced in case of flying debris and anything else that may get stuck to it.