sheepskin liner


Diono sheepskin liner for the quantum stroller.

luxurious and naturally soft


  • Whatever the Weather: our Sheepskin Liner has natural breathing qualities due to the hollow fibers of the wool, making it efficient at temperature regulation and moisture management.
  • Fresh Fleeces: Wool is a naturally antibacterial fibers which can help to keep your liner feeling fresh.
  • Harness Ready: Our liner is adapted to use with a 5-point harness.>
  • Snooze on the Move: Our snuggly Sheepskin Liner fits all of our Diono strollers, providing your little one with a super comfortable seat.

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parents love the sheepskin liner!

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is my Sheepskin Liner machine washable?

Avoid washing your Sheepskin Liner if possible, we suggest that you brush your Sheepskin on a regular basis with the aid of a fine wire brush, this will help to remove any excess dirt or dust.In the event that you need to clean your Sheepskin Liner it is advisable that you wash it by hand with cool water and a non-biological washing powder suitable for Sheepskin.

can my Sheepskin Liner go in the tumble dryer?

No your sheep skin liner is not suitable for the tumble dryer.