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Monterey® 4DXT

The new and improved Monterey Booster

Traverze Editions

The super compact travel stroller

Solana 2

The backless booster

radian® 3RXT

All star safety, thoughtful design

rainier® 2AXT

Best in class  car seat protection

Monterey® XT

Safety that grows with your child

WeMadeMe® Imagine Deluxe

3-in-1 ergonomic baby carrier


The super lightweight city stroller

Diono testimonials

No parent should ever have to turn and look in the backseat to see if their child is still alive, but if you ever do I hope you see what I saw. My child perfectly snug in her Diono car seat; she did not move an inch; her car seat did not move an inch; everything around her was broken, but she was perfect. She did not have a single scratch on her.

Andrea Murray

I spent about four months researching which car seat to upgrade to and comparing each one to any and all safety regulations…. I knew I wanted something that went above and beyond all safety regulations, and I really feel Diono has done that. It’s easy to set up and install…. Thank you, Diono, for making a great product that I can feel safe putting my kids into.