easy view™ XXL mirror


supersized baby car mirror with LED light.


  • New supersized car mirror with LED light to help you see your little one on the move.
  • Shatter-resistant Clear-Sight Mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image
  • Dual-mode LED lighting system also provides a comforting nightlight in any vehicle .
  • Remote activated lights you can control from the driver’s seat
  • Soft-Touch frame is lightweight and energy absorbing
  • Easy to use power switch to the back to activate the mirror
  • Multiple attachment options to fit most vehicles

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parents love the easy view!

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how does the Easy View attach?

The Easy View uses straps to wrap around the vehicle head rest and connects with a lock.

can I place the Easy View anywhere in the car?

The Easy View unique pivot design allows you to place it on any backseat head rest.