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the life-active wrap

suitable from birth to 24 months

Flow is our life active wrap – soft, light and breathable. Flow has a flexible fabric, which shapes to the contours of your body, utilizing a unique open structure. We’ve woven the fabric in Flow to provide comfort and support to you and baby when wearing, due to the ‘side to side’, lateral expansion, which provides an unrivaled closeness, and an intimacy that is both reassuring and secure. This is further enhanced buy the taut vertical threads, which provide lift; so that there is no gradual change of baby’s wearing position or postural pressures on your body. Whether you’re taking time to yourself, sharing a walk, or letting waves lap your toes, Flow is quick to dry, simple to wear and made fit around you and your day ahead. Suitable from birth, it is a versatile and intimate experience for you and your baby. Acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, Flow is an intimate experience for you and your baby from birth to 24 months, 8-35lbs/3.6-15kg. Flow is so easy, and so simple, you’ll forget you are wearing it. We created it to celebrate those moments of tenderness, love & simplicity… but to be unobtrusive and forgettable when wearing. So, why not wrap up your world and flow together?

why parents love me

more support

simple, breathable and light

all tied up


product specs

product specs

Height – 196.85″ / 500 cm

Width – 23.62″ / 60 cm

Depth – 0.08″ / 2 cm

care & maintenance

Machine washable cold at 30° C

material composition

Fabric: 87% nylon, 13% spandex

Love this baby wrap! It is so stretchy and supportive. Also, it is breathable. My husband and I love to go backpack camping and hiking. This wrap allows our little one to enjoy it with us!

Amanda L.

how to baby wear

why parents chose me

simple, breathable and light

the innovative mesh material in Flow is self-regulating, breathable and lighter than most wraps on the market.

long material

Flow is generously long and wide, with tapered ends for easier tying, enabling it to be used for longer than most elastic wraps. 

more supportive

hybrid, two-way stretchy woven fabric combines wonderful side to side movement and support, whilst taut vertical threads keep baby in a good position.

an ergonomic choice

wraps are the most ergonomic way to carry babies from birth. stretchy wraps are reassuring for parents as they can be pre-tied.

award winning baby wrap

simple. breathable. light.

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what is the Flow?

the Ve

The Flow is a hybrid, two-way stretchy wrap, combining the benefits of both woven and stretchy fabric. The innovative mesh material used in its construction means that it doesn’t sag throughout the day from baby’s weight and it stretches lengthways and crossways. Both generously long and wide with tapered ends, the Flow allows the wearer to adjust the wrap as the baby grows.

nture is recommended for children from 8–35lbs/3.6-15kg. you can use the Infant Insert provided for newborns. the Venture+ is recommended beginning when the child is a minimum of 24lbs/11kg and 32 inches or 82cm tall. due to the height and width of the Venture+, we do not recommend using the toddler size with a newborn or an infant below our minimum height recommendation.

what age is the Flow suitable for?

The Flow is suitable for babies aged 0 to 24 months, weighing 3.6–15.9kg (8–35lbs). It is especially ideal for babies aged 0 to 9 months. (You can, of course, carry baby for longer if you wish.)

what is baby's weight limit for the Flow?

The Flow has been tested to meet Technical Report CEN/TR 16512:2015 and ASTM F2907 – 15 and is therefore suitable for babies weighing 8–35lbs/3.6–15.9kg.

what is the Foxtrot position?

The Flow wrap offers one simple carrying position. The Foxtrot is a lovely front-carrying (parent-facing) position, and is perfect for keeping your little one close and secure so you’re free to get on with other things. When you wear baby in a wrap, you really do feel that you don’t need any hands (hands-free). Baby is completely supported. They are still part of you. You both regain that connection you may feel you have lost physically, but you never lose emotionally. And that’s the brilliance of the wrap.

what is the 'ergonomically correct sitting position'?

a baby’s spine and hips are not yet fully developed at birth. their spine is naturally rounded, not straight, and their spine and hip joints are soft and flexible and remain so for the first year of their life. therefore, it is vitally important that when baby is placed in the Venture, they remain in the ergonomically correct sitting position at all times. yhis ensures baby’s back, hips and the back of their head are supported and protected. yo check baby is in this ergonomically correct sitting position, or M position, be sure their little bottom is always positioned lower than their knees, and the fabric of the wrap fully supports their thighs.

what material is the Flow wrap made from?

The Flow wrap is made from an innovative mesh material (nylon and spandex mix) that is so breathable it is ideal for hot weather.

can I wear a Flow wrap if I'm pregnant?

The Flow wrap is ideal for babies aged from birth to 24 months and it is possible that you may be pregnant and still wear your baby in the wrap. We’d also recommend you consider using the Imagine to carry your toddler on your back, which may be more comfortable and practical.