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We Made Me Imagine Classic carrier in pebble.
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3-in-1 active carrier 

We think that the Imagine 3-in-1 carrier is truly simple and intuitive to use. It’s comfortable, and the super-adjustable, way to wear baby. We’ve made it is soft yet sturdy and shaped Imagine with quilted panels to provide a nurturing parent facing position, and a well positioned world facing position, combined with the versatility to wear your youngster on your back and show them the world. This easy to wear, two-shoulder carrier, delivers the ultimate in contoured tailoring and support for baby and wearer. It is acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and we have designed it to support, and grow with baby month by month. The sculpted shoulder straps can also be crossed over, to provide an enhanced fit and better adjustment. Imagine comes complete with a newborn infant insert, for babies aged 0-36 months and 8-33lbs/3.6-15kg

parent facing

on your back

world facing

Up to approximately 120 lbs.

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product specs

product specs

Height – 17.9″ / 45.5 cm

Width – 15.4″ / 39 cm

Depth – 0.8″ / 2 cm

care & maintenance

Machine wash cold at 30° C

material composition

Fabric: 100% Cotton



As someone who owns several different baby carriers and uses them all the time, I was so excited to try this one for all of its unique features. To put it simply, this carrier is amazing. Every detail is so well thought out and functionable. And comfortable!! 

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why parents chose me

contoured & quilted support

the designers at WMM worked tirelessly to create a supple, soft-padded and quilted wide shoulder strap.

structured seat

integrated into the Imagine is a structured seat to support positive positioning of baby’s hips and spine.

take me with you

we’ve included a handy pouch for storage and transport, so you’ve always got Imagine to hand.

from birth & beyond

we’ve included a baby insert, so that you can use Imagine from day 1, 0-36 months and 8-33lbs.

carry in confidence.

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what does 'ergonomically advanced' mean?

the Imagine carrier is designed to support baby in the ergonomically correct sitting position in each of the three sitting positions. This means that baby’s developing spine, hips, and back of the head are protected and fully supported to sit in the most natural position. Thus avoiding baby assuming the dangling position where all their weight rests on their crotch. When baby is positioned correctly, and whether using the Bear Necessities (parent-facing position), the Doe-a-deer (world-facing position) or the Raccoon Ride (back-carry position), the papoose will automatically support baby in this natural sitting position. To check that baby achieves this comfortable spread squat, or M position, ensure their bottom is always positioned lower than their knees, and the fabric of the papoose fully supports their thighs.

can I use the Imagine carrier after a caesarean birth?

yes, the padded waistband is so gentle around tummies it is especially good for moms recovering from C-sections.

can you go from one position to another?

yes, it’s really easy to transition baby from the Bear Necessities position to the Doe-a-deer position while still wearing the papoose.

1. simply realease the perfect-fit adjusters

2. fold and clip down the adjustable support/hood either before or after moving baby.

3. lift baby up, turn them around to face outwards and place back into the papoose.

4. re-adjust the perfect-fit adjusters evenly on both sides.

5. depending on the size of your baby, their arms can be positioned below or above the folded adjustable head support/hood.

when should I wear an Imagine carrier?

the Imagine carrier offers a choice of carrying positions and is therefore suitable for most every day scenarios. it’s good for wearing baby around the house, popping down to the shop, picking up the kids from school, or for longer journeys such as long walks or travelling through airports.

does the Imagine carrier put any pressure on my baby's spine?

spinal care is vital in your baby’s early months to ensure the correct development of their skeletal structure. the Imagine carrier is specifically designed to support baby’s entire weight comfortably and evenly, with no unnatural pressure on their undeveloped hips and spine. so it is important that when baby is placed in the Imagine carrier, they remain in the ergonomically correct sitting position at all times. please see the ‘ergonomically advanced’ question above.

how do I wash the Imagine carrier?

the Imagine carrier is machine washable. We recommend that you remove the straps and put the Imagine carrier inside a pillowcase. use a maximum temperature of 30°C with similar colors.

can I wear the Imagine carrier if I'm pregnant?

yes, for as long as it is comfortable if you have used the Imagine carrier before. it may not be advisable to start carrying a toddler during pregnancy if you haven’t carried them before. listen to your body and know your limits. babywearing can be very helpful when you’re pregnant but you do need to make sure you’re not affecting your health.

can I wear the Imagine carrier if I'm in a wheelchair?

yes, as long as you have enough mobility/flexibility to get the carrier on. you may like to take some time to practice this. it may be also advisable to consult a Babywearing Consultant for some expert advice.