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front & back infant carrier

0 – 24 months

Make life simple with Venture and Venture+… One carrier, two positions,(available in two sizes), and inspired by Mei-Tais, but made modern. Instead of tying the Venture & Venture+ uses simple buckles instead. The Venture also has beautifully contoured and padded shoulder straps, and a bucket shaped seat with a supportive back panel. This simple, light front and back baby carrier is acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is perfect for newborns up to 2 years with Venture, or from 18-36 months with Venture+, and is available in a wonderful array of contemporary fabric patterns, designed for moms & dads alike. Venture comes with a handy pouch to take it with you and keep your carrier clean. Venture comes in two sizes, Venture (0*-24 months 8*-35lbs/3.6-15.9kg) Venture+ Toddler Carrier (18-36 months 24-55lbs/11-25kg)



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product specs

product specs

Height – 17.9″ / 45.5 cm

Width – 15.4″ / 39 cm

Depth – 0.8″ / 2 cm

care & maintenance

Machine washable cold at 30° C

material composition

Fabric: 100% cotton

 To put it simply, this carrier is amazing. Every detail is so well thought out and functional. And comfortable!! As an active family, I’ve had a hard time finding a carrier with great back support and this one truly is the best I’ve tried. I really can’t say enough good things about this baby carrier. Myself, my husband, and my baby all love it!


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Venture is one of the most affordable carriers with a front and back position, combined with a contemporary design and enhanced fit & comfort.

one design 2 sizes

the Venture’s simple design comes in two great sizes to accommodate two different weight ranges, so that you get the best experience and fit for your little one

shaped to your shoulder

the Venture and Venture+ have beautifully contoured and padded shoulder straps for added comfort and supportive fit.

inspired design

inspired by Mei-Dais style carriers, the Venture & Venture+ makes a truly modern and simple carrying experience in two sizes, and easy to use buckles.

more is less.

one of the most affordable front & back carriers
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what size should I get? Venture or Venture+?

the Venture is recommended for children from 8–35lbs/3.6-15kg. you can use the Infant Insert provided for newborns. the Venture+ is recommended beginning when the child is a minimum of 24lbs/11kg and 32 inches or 82cm tall. due to the height and width of the Venture+, we do not recommend using the toddler size with a newborn or an infant below our minimum height recommendation.

what are the dimensions of a Venture vs a Venture+?

all of our products are handcrafted and may have slight variations in size. the Venture measures approximately 16.5” or 42.5cm tall excl. integrated hood, 15” or 38.5cm wide at the base of the carrier, and 17” or 43.5cm wide at the top of the carrier. yhe Venture+ measures approximately 21” or 54cm tall, 18.5” or 47.5cm wide at the base, and 20” wide at the top of the carrier.

can I carry my newborn baby in a Venture carrier?

yes, you can. if you prefer an ergonomic carrier, rather than a wrap or a sling then the use of an infant insert can make them an accessible option from birth (required for use with a baby between 8-15lbs/3.6-15kg). read our Babywearing Guide of carrying your newborn.

will my baby be comfortable in the Venture carrier?

our baby carriers are designed to give baby an ergonomic seat that is comfortable for baby’s growth and development. the cotton material is also lightweight and breathable keeping baby warm.

what is the 'ergonomically correct sitting position'?

a baby’s spine and hips are not yet fully developed at birth. their spine is naturally rounded, not straight, and their spine and hip joints are soft and flexible and remain so for the first year of their life. therefore, it is vitally important that when baby is placed in the Venture, they remain in the ergonomically correct sitting position at all times. yhis ensures baby’s back, hips and the back of their head are supported and protected. yo check baby is in this ergonomically correct sitting position, or M position, be sure their little bottom is always positioned lower than their knees, and the fabric of the wrap fully supports their thighs.

can I reposition my Venture carrier?

yes. if your baby isn’t positioned correctly in the Venture carrier from the start, you will encounter problems. if it doesn’t feel right, adjust baby’s position so you are both comfortable. alternatively, remove baby and start again. be conscious of how you both feel when using the Venture carrier. if, during the course of moving around, you find baby’s position changes, either the Venture carrier is not tight enough or you did not place baby correctly in the carrier in the first place. don’t wear the Venture carrier too low. if you feel the need to hold baby in the carrier, then you are wearing it too low or it might be too loose. the whole principle of the Venture carrier is you should feel confident wearing/carrying your baby, not holding them. the Venture carrier should do all the holding. Please note. do not strap baby too tight against your body and make sure that there is sufficient ventilation for baby at all times.